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28 Dec 1985 - 10 Nov 2005
“Every step I take, every move I make
Every single day, every time I pray
I'll be missing you”

K for Kindness:      You always worried about other people first, always ready to help and wanting people around you to be happy.

A for Ambitious:    Full of ambition and really active person, you always gave your best in whatever you were trying to achieve, making your people proud of you. This time, you didn't hit a century, but eternity. 

R for Respect:       Respect, a word which had no secrets to you. We now all owe you our respect.

A for Affectionate: You had such a big heart, a loving boy, radiant and smiling. Love ignores its depth till the time of separation.

N for November:     In a cold November rain, you have found the stairway to Heaven.

Life can be short, but memories last forever. Words can’t express what you meant to us Karan. Keep looking after your Mom, just the way you always did, pray for her, for your family and friends, for all these people over here. Give us the strength to be stronger, and until the day we meet again, it’s in our hearts that we will keep you.

                              Tony De Souza, your cousin


I first met Karan late in the year 2000 during the time that the Year 10’s for 2001 were going through their induction into the senior school. As his House Coordinator, I had an interview with Karan and his Mum, Anita. Immediately, I noticed Karan’s cheeky grin and sparkling enthusiasm for life. This was coupled with his impeccable manners so obviously nurtured in a loving was by Anita.

During 2001, teachers found Karan to be a bright spark intellectually, loving to be active and with a great curiosity about what life had to offer. Well do I remember the Year 10 social that year! Karan, in his outgoing way, kept me well posted with all the “behind the scenes” activities in relation to after parties, etc. 

Karan related well with his teachers and compatriots but very closely with Tracey Dorain, his Year 10 homeroom teacher and English teacher. He told me many times how he valued his exceptional care. 

At the end of Year 10, Karan happily joined with two other friends to serve as waiters for the Teresa House parent dinner. We had many laughs that night as they dealt with this new experience and I remember the special way that Tracey spoke to Karan at the end of the night, applauding his generosity and charm. 

Karan and I, had many interactions during the 3 years but particularly in Year 12, when he wanted to do Specialist Maths. He would meet with me at school or at my place throughout the whole year and would top on as much Maths as he could before becoming saturated. 

At this stage, he was very excited and knowledgeable about cars and was very pleased to be able to drive up to my place. What freedom! What a sign of adulthood this was! I became much educated about the correct and incorrect was to handle any sort of car to get the best performance from it. His joy for life, his need for adventure and thrills were all shown to me very clearly at this time. 

Karan began to develop a desire to be involved in a career related to Biology because he found it so fascinating and it stimulated his curiosity. In between the times that he would listen to music or chat on the internet, he would investigate this area. I often saw in him a very quick uptake and interpretation of information and realized the potential that I’m sure his Mum and others, saw as well. 

His deep love and respect for Anita, shone through every discussion, even more poignantly when she was challenging him to give of his best, to his school work. His openness and the mixture of sophistication and naiveté in his ways endeared him to all of us who are left behind to celebrate his life. 

I know that Karan would want me to acknowledge the unconditional love that his mother Anita, has for him. I also remember his excitement and craving to see his Dad when he went to India. 

Each one of us today, has our own special memories of Karan to treasure. The sum of our recollections goes towards a nearly complete picture of this young man and together, we give thanks to God for the love that Karan has given and received over his short life.

                                                 Helen Mcarthy


Luiza De Souza, your aunty


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