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28 Dec 1985 - 10 Nov 2005
About Karan

There is so much I could tell you about Karan. I have always called him my “Miracle Baby”. 

When Chetan and I, first married, it seemed we were not going to have a child. After 4 years, I joined a “Test Tube” baby programme and was on it for 2 years with many failed attempts. At the end of the failed “Test Tube” programme, I visited the Sardhana Convent in Meerut, India, to pray in their chapel. While I was praying, a Nun came and sat by my side and talked to me. When she found out my problem, she rubbed my stomach with Holy Oil and said, “In a year’s time you will bring your baby back here, and in a year’s time, Karan was born. You can see why he was most truly my Miracle Baby". 

Karan was a truly beautiful baby who brought great joy and peace into our lives. His growing years were full of fun, mischief and exploring hidden dangers as he dared to be different. We moved back to India when Karan was 5 years old. He found Hindi (the National language), difficult and his teachers found his Australian English very hard to follow. Karan shone in the “Apeejay School” in Delhi, in the areas of academics, sport and music.
When our relatives in New Zealand heard of Karan’s death, they sent a beautiful written tribute about him to me. Here is just a tiny part of it: 

We wept when I got the news of Karan’s death. We had not seen him for the past few years but knew about his fast progress in life. He moved from India to Australia, but he hadn’t changed! He was the same old loveable Karan. It seemed like only a few days had passed since we had seen him last. He was the light of “Apeejay School” in Delhi, where he was the Head boy and loved by all in the school. His pursuit of music brought him great satisfaction and hundreds of admirers. He was the friend of friends. His friendship brought joy and learning to numerous of his friends and relatives. Yes, he was everybody’s friend, everybody’s brother, everybody’s son.

I found that beautiful to read. Karan also completed karate at all levels except “Black Belt”. He loved animals, so all the stray dogs in the colony were fed and looked by him. 
Karan was sad when we moved back to Australia (at 14 years of age), because he left behind many precious friends and memories. He especially missed the “Band” they had formed – a sign of his love of music and his great talent in that area. It did break my heart to see him so sad. Karan soon adjusted to his new lifestyle in Australia. He enjoyed all aspects of outdoor activities and his new found Australian freedom. He loved cricket and played for Adelaide Cricket Club and the, Marion Cricket Club. He had definite talents in that area. He loved cars and was thrilled when he got his license.
Karan had his own charisma by which he charmed friends. He touched the hearts of all those who knew him and I feel so proud of that. There is so much more I could tell you about my beautiful son but I must stop now. When I finish speaking this Eulogy, we will play for you, the only recorded music we have of Karan – it is only 30 seconds long, but it is precious and is a tribute to him. Karan had a very special place in his heart for his Dad and was very proud of him.
Karan will always be in our hearts and so many things will remind us of him and the joy he brought into our lives. I don’t understand why someone as talented and precious as Karan has gone, but I will try to come to terms with it. He was the centre point of my life. He was my “Beta”, which is “my son”, and I will always miss my precious “Beta”, son.

Anita, your Mum

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